Reclaimed Project is committed to empowering children, supporting families, and strengthening communities.


Empowering children through

Reclaimed Project equips local churches in Sub-Saharan Africa to care for the orphans in their community through the orphan care centers. 

Through the care centers, children receive: 

  • A chance to hear the Gospel
  • Friendship and family
  • A network of adults who want them to succeed
  • Emotional support and counseling
  • Tutoring
  • Basic health needs, including a daily vitamin
  • A hot meal every day
  • Clothing
  • Life skills, ex. teeth brushing, clothes washing
  • FUN!

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Supporting families through

Reclaimed Project gives a $1,500 adoption grant each month to families adopting both locally and internationally. We believe adoption is a beautiful picture of the Gospel, and we desire to support those who are caring for orphans in this capacity.

Strengthening communities through

Reclaimed Project's job creation initiative derived from the desire to truly "equip change-makers to be the change." We empower men and women in the Mississippi Delta and Africa to rise above poverty by generating opportunities for a sustainable income. The fruits of their labor are then sold in local African markets, as well as in U.S. stores, and through our online Reclaimed Marketplace. 

Men and women give 25% of what they make to support their local orphan care centers, rebuilding their own community. Your purchase of one handmade item can potentially provide enough money to feed the artisan and their family for a week.