Zimbabwe Project: Beginning September 2016

Reclaimed Project will work alongside the International Mission Board, equipping Baptist churches to care for the needs of the poor in their communities. Zimbabweans face many challenges. Reclaimed Project seeks to target 2  specific challenges.

1. Unemployment

Unemployment in Zimbabwe ranks among the highest in the world.  Widows and orphans are the most vulnerable and therefore the most affected by high unemployment. Many widows are caring for multiple orphans in their homes, with no sustainable income. 

Reclaimed Project will equip churches to address unemployment by:

• Equipping members of local Baptist churches with training in financial management

• Equipping members (specifically widows) of local Baptist churches with farming skills needed to provide for their own families.

2. Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

The massive HIV/AIDS epidemic wreaked havoc in Sub-Saharan Africa. Zimbabwe is among the hardest hit from the crisis. The aftermath of the AIDS crisis is a generation of orphans who are primarily raised by grandparents. Many grandparents have passed away, leaving the children completely alone. Many orphaned children without family will live on the streets, begging for food. 

Challenges faced by street children:

• No money for food

• No family members to live with

• No money to purchase school uniforms or books

• Not attending school

• Addicted to sniffing glue

• No godly influence to guide them

• No hope for future employment or education

Reclaimed Project will equip the church to begin their own ministry to the street children. It is our ambition to use money from the farming projects to buy school uniforms, meals, and possible provide housing for many of the street children in the area. 

At Reclaimed Project, we believe that there is no greater poverty than life without Christ. In all we do, we seek to share the life-giving hope of the gospel. Our deepest desire is that all the Zimbabweans would come to know Christ as their Savior. We pray that our love for the poor is an expression and picture of Christ’s love for the Church.